Specialist technical advice

Trafo – Technika Sp. z o. o. specializes in broadly understood technical consulting. We offer our customers access to specialist knowledge and unique experience, which allows them to solve even the most complex technical problems in the field of transformers. We advise distribution companies, contractors, major industrial plants and all other entities that operate, purchase or manufacture transformers.

Supervision over production and factory tests of transformers

The transformer market in Poland is very competitive. The production capacity of the manufacturers exceeds the customer’s demand many times over. The selection of a transformer supplier is usually based on the lowest price criterion. This leads to strong competition between transformer manufacturers and a constant search for cheaper, not always better, solutions. Only entrusting the supervision over the transformer production and factory tests to an independent, specialized company makes it possible to be sure that the delivered transformer meets the requirements described in the technical specification, contract and the applicable standards. Supervision over factory tests carried out by Trafo – Technika specialists guarantees that a full range of tests are carried out in accordance with the Client’s requirements and current standards. This is of key importance to confirm the quality of the received unit and long-term, failure-free operation.

Supporting transformer purchasing processes

The process of purchasing a transformer starts with a proper definition of the Buyer’s needs. Proper description of requirements in the purchase specification, selection of technical parameters and additional equipment allows to obtain optimal price, fully comparable offers. For many years we have represented a large transformer factory, which makes us perfectly aware of how unclear the technical specifications can be and how difficult it is to get an explanation from the buyer. Trafo -Technika offers comprehensive technical support for the purchasing process. We help to identify needs, describe them unequivocally in the specification, answer bidder’s questions, help to compare offers and, if necessary, support the Contracting Authority in negotiations.

Assessing the technical condition of transformers

The management of network assets requires constant making of difficult decisions. Investment funds never cover needs, and the costs associated with servicing and overhauling transformers are always too high. This makes it essential to correctly select the transformers that need to be replaced or refurbished in the first place. Trafo – Technika offers specialist support in assessing the technical condition of transformers. We are developing evaluation criteria. We analyse the operating history, measurement and test results, carry out visual inspection and necessary additional diagnostics. On this basis we indicate which units are eligible for urgent replacement. We advise which transformers are worth refurbishing and which are no longer worth investing in.

Expertise and determination of the causes of failures and ranges of transformer repairs

Over the last 30 years, more than 2,000 transformers that needed to be repaired or overhauled have passed through our factory. Determining the right extent of damage and adjusting the scope of repair was everyday life for us. Currently, only a few people in the country have relevant experience in this area. Trafo – Technika offers services to determine the causes and extent of damage and to determine the optimal scope of repair. We prepare photographic documentation, prepare a report with a description of damage and the scope of necessary repair.

Advanced transformer diagnostics

The average age of a power transformer in Poland is approx. 38 years. Units operating for more than 50 years are not uncommon. Such long periods of transformers operation require diagnostics to monitor their technical condition. Correctly and systematically conducted diagnostics allows, well in advance, to predict the occurrence of failures, and this effectively avoid them or reduce repair costs. The key stage of diagnostics is to interpret the results obtained and to draw the right conclusions. Trafo – Technika based on many years of experience of its specialists offers a full range of services related to the diagnostics of transformers of all types.

We also carry out tests and operational measurements of all levels:

  • measurements for new units,
  • measurements after the unit has been moved or put into operation after a longer standstill or from a reserve,
  • periodical I, II and III degree measurements for transformers of all types.

Education and training

The basis for proper, long-term operation of transformers is the appropriate level of knowledge of the personnel operating the equipment. Due to the importance of transformers in the power system and their unit value, errors in operation result in very high costs or significantly shorten the transformer’s lifetime. That is why it is so important to continuously increase the eligibility of those who operate transformers. Equipping transformers with expensive equipment without knowing how to use it properly is simply a waste of money.

Trafo -Technika Sp. o. o. offers transformer training at all levels.


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