Supervision over production and factory tests of transformers

The transformer market in Poland is very competitive. The production capacity of the manufacturers exceeds the customer’s demand many times over. The selection of a transformer supplier is usually based on the lowest price criterion. This leads to strong competition between transformer manufacturers and a constant search for cheaper, not always better, solutions. Only entrusting the supervision over the transformer production and factory tests to an independent, specialized company makes it possible to be sure that the delivered transformer meets the requirements described in the technical specification, contract and the applicable standards. Supervision over factory tests carried out by Trafo – Technika specialists guarantees that a full range of tests are carried out in accordance with the Client’s requirements and current standards. This is of key importance to confirm the quality of the received unit and long-term, failure-free operation.

Acceptances of transformers at the Manufacturer

Supervision of the entire production process of the transformer

  • verification of the construction documentation,
  • supervision over the control of the supply of key materials,
  • supervision over the inter-operational control in the entire production process,
  • verification of the level of drying of transformers,
  • acceptance of the active part before placing it in the tank.

Supervision over factory tests.

Supervision and participation in the first start-up of the transformer and final acceptance


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