Education and training

The basis for proper, long-term operation of transformers is the appropriate level of knowledge of the personnel operating the equipment. Due to the importance of transformers in the power system and their unit value, errors in operation result in very high costs or significantly shorten the transformer’s lifetime. That is why it is so important to continuously increase the eligibility of those who operate transformers. Equipping transformers with expensive equipment without knowing how to use it properly is simply a waste of money.

Trafo -Technika Sp. o. o. offers transformer training at all levels.

Trainings can be divided into thematic blocks proposed by us or adjusted in terms of topics and level to the individual needs of the client.

We train employees of distribution companies, industrial plants and contractors. We also provide training for end customers who require training in transformer operation as part of the delivery of a new unit.

The training is conducted exclusively by experienced practitioners and can be combined with a visit to a transformer factory or a substation to better illustrate the training topic.

We also offer training courses for transformer manufacturers.

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